Ninjas Unleashed to the Wild

I want to extend a huge thank you for all who attended my inaugural Asp.Net MVC3 Dojo event.  Over a dozen folks came out and slogged away at code as we worked through building a movie review site end-to-end using the MVC Framework, NuGet and one mighty fine IDE, Visual Studio 2010.

Some of the things we covered in today’s two and a half hour code work-out:

  • Models, views and controllers (of course!)
  • Scaffolding and the MvcScaffolding package
  • jQuery and AJAX in MVC
  • Partial views
  • Action filters
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • The MVC tool chain
  • NuGet and little “gems” like jQuery.RateIt and MvcMembership.Mvc
  • Customizing the output of the scaffolders
  • EF Code First, data contexts and dbsets
  • Data annotations
  • Model binding
  • JSON and other alternate action return types
  • …and more


We covered a lot of ground, for sure.  If you want to have at the reference app with the rest of the code that we weren’t quite able to get to, please pop on over to github and grab a copy of the solution.

Looking forward to hearing the feedback and please, feel free to get in touch.

Next Steps

Now that you’ve gone through File –> New Project, don’t stop there.

  • Make sure you get your IDE up to date
  • Keep exploring MVC, including MVC 4
  • Ask questions…
    *   On the [Canadian Developer Connection]( (Linked In)...I keep watch here for web dev questions and am always happy to help out  <li>Here, on my blog ![Winking smile](  <li>Ask on [Twitter]( with the #aspnetmvc hash tag  <li>Or on a community site you're already comfortable with <li>Have a good browse over at []( and find packages that will simplify your development 


Thanks again!