How Do You Measure Up? Find out in 60 Days!

I am super geeked to be heading down to Austin, TX to speak at Measure Up this coming September 26th. Measure Up 2015 is the inaugural skills and career development conference put on by the folks at Clear Measure.


This conference is packed with all kinds of great speakers and covers a variety of topics related to business development, dev ops, personal growth and, of course, how to be mind-bendingly awesome at making software. I am going to be talking about the things you need to know when you’re moving to MVC 6, and sharing about my experiences as a remote worker.

If You Live in the Austin Area…

…you have no excuses to miss this event. Register today, it’s only $10, and dedicate one day this year to getting yourself closer to your dream career.

If You Don’t Live in the Austin Area…

…you should probably talk to your boss about getting down there for the day. It’s hard to find a conference with this kind of content and (essentially) only have to pay for a bit of travel, perhaps a hotel room. Professional development does not come with this value for this little.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Check out the conference agenda. Dev ops, docker. vNext, continuous deployment, load testing, microsevices, infrastructure as code and more.

Register for the event. Seriously, ten bucks_. _

See you in September! ‘Til then, happy coding! Smile