These People are Monsters! Here's Some Great Videos Covering ASP.NET Core and Core MVC

I have had the privledge and pleasure of working with my good friends Simon Timms and Dave Paquette on our new video series, The Monsters Weekly. Recently we have been added as Channel 9 regulars on MSDN and we’ve been putting together two videos a week for the ASP.NET community.

What We’ve Been Working On

It’s really gone by quite quickly, I can’t believe how fast ten episodes came and went. We have been working on building up content that can be digested in 15 minutes or less. It’s easy to get through a video on a short break or over your lunch, so there’s no better time to get familiar with the next version of ASP.NET.

Here’s a short summary of the first videos we put together on our channel.

ASP.NET Core - Generally Speaking


Front- and Back-end Updates

As you can see, we’re trying to flesh out all areas to cover all aspects of software development. In the weeks ahead we’re going to be breaking into Docker, the dotnet CLI, changes coming in RC2 and more.

The ASP.NET Monsters on Channel 9

Some Shameless Self-Promotion

We’re also curating a blog with posts from all three of us, news from the Monsters Weekly and other bits. We’re tweeting out on the Twitters, too, so please give us a follow/retweet if you don’t mind!

And if you’re clever, you can join in on our next contest, which may or may not have already started. Keep your eyes peeled and your thinking hat on!

Happy coding!