It’s great to be speaking in my stomping grounds and to be able to share a little about the ASP.NET MVC Framework while I’m here at Prairie Dev Con 2011 Winnipeg. 

Surviving the Boom!

Yikes. Talk about a presenter’s nightmare! In the perfect storm of technology fail, my particular combination of laptop make and model, the Apple mini-displayport adapter and a wonky projector worked together to try to stop the presentation from happening at all.

Thanks especially to D’Arcy Lussier for making a last minute schedule change and squeezing me back in.  There were about 50 people on board for the session with great questions and lots of interest.  Please keep the feedback coming and stay tuned for lots more info on MVC 4 here in my scratching grounds.

As for diving deeper, join me tomorrow for a two-hour Dojo-style dive into MVC3 and we’ll get your feet wet.  Bring your laptops!

Here’s a couple of links for you to help transition from what we talked about today in session to your own projects in your IDE:


Thanks again everyone for joining me and I look forward to seeing you at the Dojo session tomorrow.