Okay Developers, Time to Level Up: Visual Studio 11 and Windows 8

The bits are now in the wild.  I’ve got Win8 on the download and VS11 installed already on my Win7 boot.  I’ll be wiping the Win8 partition and installing the Customer Preview of Win8 later today.



Bringing The Awesome

I’ll getting pumped for PrDC Calgary and I’m looking forward to rebuilding my MVC and NuGet talks on Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2011 for that conference. Only a couple weeks to go!  Remember, if you’re hoping to come to the Dojo session for MVC, please bring along your laptop.  I’ll be demoing some of the MVC4 bits, so please update your machines before you come (I’ll have a few USB keys with the install if you don’t have, but please make sure you have VS installed…even the free version).

Getting Up To Speed

Go grab all the bits for yourself: