The Future of the Web on .NET Rocks!

imageI recently spoke at Prairie Dev Con West in Calgary, where I was pleased to be asked to join a panel on the very popular internet audio talk show developers know as .NET Rocks!  Hosts Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell put together a panel to revisit a conversation they have every couple of years on “The Future of the Web”.

The audio is now online, so have a hear!

Joined by my friend Bil Simser, fellow Canadian Andrew Nurse from the Asp.Net team at Microsoft and James Kovacs of JetBrains, it was a great group with diverse experience that allowed us to dive into all kinds of topics.  Starting with defining the current state of the web, we talked about current challenges, what the internet has become, and what the next few years holds for us as developers.

Be sure to check out the audio here and be sure to subscribe to the show!