Bootstrapping Mvc - The Completed Template

Installment number three in the series where I’m covering Bootstrap and Asp.Net MVC 4, primarily working in Visual Studio 2012.  In this video I’m walking through the completed template and showing what you get with just a short amount of effort.  Hey, it’s looking pretty good!

Yes, for sure, we’ll likely be folding in some other updates as we go, but we’re off to a good start here folks. If you squint enough, this site looks just like Twitter.

Next up is our foray into the jQuery plugins that Bootstrap offers, and we’re going to have a little fun with that. I mean, c’mon, what good is playing with Bootstrap in Mvc 4 if we don’t play with the fun bits* of Mvc 4?  Teaser: I’m about to redefine the way you love you some checkboxes.

Check out the series page to see the list of videos I’m working on.

*Please note, no fun bits were injured in the making of this video.