Getting Ready for the Dojo

Hey everyone in Ontario!  Well, at least, hello to you 50+ rock star developers from the CTT .NUG who signed up to participate in the Asp.Net MVC session this week! imageYou guys rock!

I’m stoked to be running this Dojo out here – the attendance at the intro to MVC a few months back was really strong, so I’m honored to be invited back to dive deeper and get you guys writing code. We are going to build out a database-backed, membership-enabled, fully functioning web app.

This is a hands on session – I need you to bring your laptop along, and I highly recommend that you have the tools installed before you come. We have about 120 minutes – which is already tight – and if you spend the first 45+ minutes installing tools, you just won’t get as much out of it!

Grab a copy of the following so you don’t have to miss any sessions and you can dive right in:

Visual Studio 2012 – This has everything you need. You can either grab a free 90 day trial edition or a completely free Express Web edition.

- or -

Visual Studio 2010 – But, you’ll need to add some “fresh” if you want to hang out with the cool kids. Make sure you have the following:

  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  • The latest version of NuGet
  • Asp.Net MVC 4 _RTM Version _IMPORTANT – the project templates and tooling have changed. To get the most out of this dojo, I need you to have the final version of MVC4 running on your machine.


Just a quick note…while I am a totally huge Windows 8 fan and encourage you to try it out, for the purpose of this Dojo session I highly recommend running from Windows 7 (or boot to a VHD from Win8 to Windows 7). I will be demoing a tool that has not yet been updated to work with the new version of PowerShell on Windows 8.  If you are already running Windows 8 full time (like me!) then I will be able to help you out and we can work around it.

Really looking forward to meeting everyone and working through as much code as possible in about 2 hours. See you there!