Hack All the Things at Pure Imagination!

imageHackathons are great because they mean no excuses – nothing to get in the way of learning some new tech.  Better still are the great events where there are mentors and vendors with presence to make the event even more engaging.  Pure Imagination is offering this and more by setting you up with deep dive sessions and content from leaders in several of the core subjects you need to build the next big thing.

Shopify and 500px are the key “API sponsors” for the hackathon.  I’ve recently attended an API-themed hackathon (at PrDC Regina) and found this to be an incredible challenge, with results that just drop you. In spite of the fact that everyone’s using (essentially) the same APIs, the variations of themes and treatments and business plans and goals…it’s imageamazing what we clever devs can come up with!

And yet, they’re going even further still with some of Canada’s top VCs in attendance. You’ll get a chance to spend 10 minutes in front of them and pitch your idea, then they’ll help you see forest if your mind’s still in the trees.

All of this is lead by a keynote with Grant Skinner, and some great content on Windows 8, Azure, Visual Studio and concepts such as design, computing in the cloud, authentication and authorization and more.

Register here and follow @purelyimagine on the Twitters!