Windows Azure Web Sites on MVA

The Windows Azure team has accelerated their deployment cadence, and to be honest, if you happened to look away for nine months, it’s like a whole ‘nother baby to deal with. For those not building solutions on WAWS, you’d be surprised at how much has changed, improved and increased in flexibility.


I’m privileged to get the chance to break it all down for you with Tejaswi Redkar, Director of Worldwide Communities at Microsoft. Join us live on Microsoft Virtual Academy on Thursday, December 12th (register here).

We’re bringing something to the table for everyone; for newcomers to WAWS you’ll get a peek at the Azure portal interface and gain a better understanding of the inner workings. Beyond the basic, we dive deep into everything from initial and continuous deployment right through to scaling your site up to support traffic growth. We also look at development off the .Net stack, including Node.js, and show you how to integrate with other aspects of Azure from your site.  Here’s the day at a glance:

  • Web Sites Overview
  • Know Thy Tools
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Scaling and Configuration
  • Go Live Checklist
  • Case Studies – Scale and Deployment
  • Lightning Round

Hope to catch you at the event…it’s free and easy to attend online!