Day 0: Bootstrapping Mvc for the Next 30 Days

In the coming weeks you’ll see a wide range of topics, tips, tricks and the ins-and-outs of working with the Bootstrap library and CSS framework with Asp.Net’s MVC Framework.  This page will serve as the curated index of all posts for the month.

These posts will focus on using three key bits that are pre-requisites for the month: Visual Studio 2013, MVC 5 and Bootstrap.  Along the way we’re going to make use of jQuery and even have a look at leveraging Knockout.js to make the client development a little less mundane.

Expect to start simple but be ready for a daily dose of content, presumably with something new for you each day, or at least a new twist on something you might be familiar with. Bring your  willingness to try a bit of code, and I’ll try to bring some awesome.

Shameless plug: If you’re looking for professionally designed themes to replace your palette, you can help out this blogger (me!) by purchasing one over at {wrap}bootstrap. They have a selection of great looking Bootstrap themes. A very affordable alternative to taking the time to create your own theme. Check out Day 23 for more information on creating a site where users can choose which theme they see.

I’m assuming you’re a dev with some web experience. I’ll try to include some helpful links where content might be new or if questions come up. Thanks for joining along!

The 30 Day Breakdown

Warming Up

Enhancing Our Views


Exploring Bootstrap

Special Announcement!

Adding Some Sparkle

So, You’ve Got People Logging In

Wrapping Up With Some More Bootstrap

If you’d like a copy of the completed project, please be sure to check out the repo with the final version of this series’ code on GitHub.

Happy Coding!