ASP.NET Core Training in Calgary, Alberta

For some folks, working independently and plowing through a book chapter-by-chapter is the best way for them to learn. If you’re in that camp, I’ve got just the book for you.

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Want to get Hands-On?

For others, in-person training is the most effective way to dive into new content. Having someone in the same room who knows how to navigate a new release of software, framework and tooling and all the related changes is a powerful asset while you learn.

That said, we are pleased to announce our first Monsters workshop in Calgary, Alberta. Please join us in Calgary as we mash on changes, approaches, caveats and wins for all things in ASP.NET Core.

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How to deploy to Azure Functions using GitHub

When we start getting serious about using Azure Functions, we’re likely going to want a little more horsepower to edit them. Visual Studio gives us a top-flight editing experience, but how do we work with Azure Functions locally? And how do we deploy them to the cloud?

When we use GitHub to store our code, we enable an easy way to deploy our functions continuously to Azure, but it doesn’t come without caveats. This post is about getting you familiar with the benefits, side-effects and consideration points you’ll need to make as you move towards continuous deployment in Azure Functions.

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