Bending ASP.NET Core MVC To Your Will

The default conventions of ASP.NET Core MVC allow us to easily construct applications without having to worry about the minutiae of wiring up the “how-to” parts that are required in nearly every application that will be built. There are times when these conventions do not meet your application needs, but you can instruct the framework to work the way you need it to by building your own.

Bring Your Own Conventions

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GitHub Authentication with ASP.NET Core

Authentication has changed over the years, and my take on it has surely shifted. No longer is it the scary, intimidating beastie that must be overcome on our projects. Today, we can let external providers provide the authentication mechanisms, giving the user with a streamlined experience that can give them access to our application with previuosly defined credentials.

GitHub Authentication in ASP.NET Core

Let’s have a look at what it takes to allow users to authenticate in our application using GitHub as the login source, and you can check out the Monsters video take of this on Channel 9.

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