Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Band 2 Battery Life

Band 2

The day the announcement was made for Band 2, I was watching the keynote and keeping my finger on F5, repeatedly refreshing my browser and eagerly waiting for the Band 2 “Coming Soon” page turn over to an “Order Now” page. The week before launch, I added my credit card as a saved card on the Microsoft store. As soon as the page flipped over, I pulled the trigger and reserved my new edition.

I’ve worn it every day since November 2, 2015 and here’s what I’ve learned about the Microsoft Band 2 battery life, including tips on how to keep yours running all week long.

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Your Work and Your Life are Not Intricately Intertwined

You are always setting expectations. When you answer an email at 10pm, you are setting an expectation. When let a call go to voicemail at 6pm, you are setting an expectation.

These are difficult things to accept, especially if you’re in competition for advancement or your employer is challenging your boundaries on a regular basis, but just remember that resetting expectations is much more difficult that setting them in the first place. Remembering that every action you take (or don’t) defines how people will expect you to act in the future.

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The Humanitarian Toolbox AllReady Code-a-Thon

I was recently in Seattle for the MVP Summit, one of the best ways to connect to product teams and really smart people from around the world. Every year I get to meet more of the team that builds the tools I use daily, reconnect with peers and catch up with friends. And I eat at Magiano’s.

But this year, the MVP Summit was trumped in awesomeness as quickly at it came to a close as the very next morning the code-a-thon for the Humanitarian Toolbox kicked into high gear.

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